Orissa cyclone-”-phalin”

During last week, state of Orissa faced one of severest cyclones in last few years. As it was getting clear that cyclone Phailin is about to strike,,people got reminded of mass scale life loss caused during last such cyclone during last century in 1999,,which was considered one of deadliest such cyclones generated in this region.


Surprisingly we did see minimal loss of life .Alertness and preparedness of administrative body is worth praising this time. There were contradictions within US marine and Indian meteorological department about the severity of the cyclone. Although IMD stuck to its stand, which finally proved right.


This nation has had lots of natural disasters faced during last decade. None can forget that mass      destruction of lives caused due to excessive rainfall in holy Hindu shrine at Kedarnath this year[2013]. What happened there could have been more but due to 2 slopes ,,one before Kedarnath,,,and another after Kedarnath,,,slowed the speed of debris ,,,which otherwise could have caused high level of loss of human lives till Haridwar.



In case of Orisaa we saw that authorities were very active in managing the crowd,,,during such large scale natural catastrophe  ,,,,when you have to carry out evacuation of millions of peoples ,,,it is very tough task to ensure that you end up with very less number of loss of lives…


It was also seen same when Indian army along with Indian Air force combined together to carry out one of largest evacuation process during Kedarnath tragedy.


Orisaa in not very developed state…it is tribal in nature….but the mannerism in which the entire administrative bodies woked,,,and ensured,,,that people are being sent to safer places…that is worth commending.


India is a very large nation,,,7th largest in terms of areas in world..Here if any kind of such tragedies are minimised,,,must be praised…

That also leaves better aspecst for preparation for future,,as these natural catastrophes are bound to happen,,floods,,,landslide,,,cloud bursting,,,cyclones,,,these all natural disaster can be dealt in same efficient manner…



We can sometime feel proud that we can show to the world that we are not to be rated as mere corrupt,,,we are efficient also,,,and that bureaucratic body also is not always involved in red –tapism,,,or corruption,,,,they work also,,,effectively,,,




harsh vardhan pathak

doon university

msc eco integrated,




[i am many a times reminded of the tragedies which happened during my childhood,,in orisaa,,,1999,,then gujarat,,earthquake,,,cyclone,,,i feel great and praise the alertness of various administrative bodies which coordinated during this time ,,ensuing mass evacuation,,,thus making life loss very less


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