Xiamen, China BRICS 2017 Summit


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BRICS nations have gathered to attend the meet at Chinese city of Xiamen for the 2017 summit from 3rd -5th September. Given the uncertainty which is happening in the region due to Korean peninsula situation and sanctions on Russia by USA {as of interference in 2016 US presidential elections, Crimea and military operations in Eastern Europe}, BRICS was becoming a ground where it was expected that some new declarations will be made which will reshape the world.

BRICS as a block represents nearly 40 % population of the world. Also collectively 5 nations have total GDP of US$16.6 trillion, equivalent to 23 % of global GDP.World bank has estimated that the group nations will grow at a pace of 5.3 % for the year 2017.BRICS as a meet not only allows the nations to discuss multilateral issues, issues related to global economy and climate change, but along the side lines provides the opportunity to discuss bilateral issues.


BRICS has come a long way since its formation in 2009.Initially it had Brazil, Russia, India and China as the founding nations. By 2010 South Africa was also included into the group. So formally BRICS as an organisation was formed in 2011 intended to enhance economic, cultural and political ties.BRICS so far has not only formed a financial institution to counter west dominated IMF and World Bank, but also started financing the infrastructure projects in the nations.BRICS has come up with the Contingent Reserve arrangement and Payment system in 2015.BRICS was coined by Jim O Neil, paper  Goldman Sachs Asset Management,  in his research publication Building Better Global Economic BRICS.Currently many nations are willing to join the group, namely AfghanistanArgentinaIndonesiaMexico .While EgyptIranNigeriaSudanSyria  Bangladesh and Greece have also expressed interest in joining BRICS.

What importance does this meet hold?

This can be referred to the joint statement which has been released by the nations. The theme of the summit is “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”. It shows the resolve to share a common vision for the future development of the participating nations.BRICS leaders also praised the formation of New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), formulating the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership. Recalling the success of past summits it has been expected that nations will continue to participate with each other for people’s welfare.BRICS now believe that they have potential to lead towards a more  just and international economic order .Same way these nations expects that world will continue to operate to safeguard international peace based on the central role of United Nations.

Excessive focus has been made on mutual economic cooperation. BRICS have broadly agreed on encouraging and improving trade cooperation and investment cooperation mechanism among them. Nations agreed among the finance ministers and central bank governors about cooperation on Public Private Partnerships (PPP).It is also agreed to financially integrate the network of financial institutions, within the nation’s regulatory framework and WTO compliances. A understanding has been made to promote innovation, industrial cooperation, research development, BRICS energy cooperation, green development, environmental cooperation, agricultural cooperation, wildlife conservation assistance for African continent,anti corruption cooperation, more interaction for manufacturing, e-commerce and skill development, strong labour market information system, competition protection, trade facilitation, mutual respect for use of outer space for space activities, natural disaster management and risk mitigation, making and economic order which gives voice to emerging market and nations, reiteration  towards commitment to the implementation of the outcomes of G20 summits, to achieve a fair and modern global tax system .

The declaration also had points to clarify the BRICS stand on international security.BRICS committed to   enhance communication and cooperation on issues concerning international peace and security.BRICS reaffirmed commitment to the United Nations as the universal multilateral organization entrusted with the mandate for maintaining international peace. Concerns have been made about Terrorist attacks and organisation in the region.BRICS reaffirmed the commitment to fully implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Need of Reform in UNSC were made.

BRICS are looking forward to 2018 summit to be held at South Africa.

What is in it For India ?



Modi and Russian president met along the sidelines of the BRICS meet. Putin thanked Modi for India’s high-level participation at the Eastern Economic Forum, being held in Russia’s eastern port city of Vladivostok.

Both leaders discussed several aspects of bilateral issues in sectors like cooperation in the natural gas and oil sector


Chinese President Xi Jinping shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the G20 Summit in Hangzhou

India has been having lots of issues related to trade ties with China. We have a huge trade imbalance with China, heavily in favour of China. Our borders have not yet been demarcated properly and local standoffs have been taking place. Use of Brahmaputra river has also become a issue of conflict between China and India due to construction of Zangmu dam and Lalho dam by China .Same way the issue of India’s inclusion to NSG have to be discussed. In the bilateral meet between Chinese premier Xi Jinping and Indian PM Narendra Modi, views were exchanged with regards to mutual cooperation, and non interference among member nations. Recall of Panchsheel to mutual respect for each others territorial integrity have been made.

As of now it seems that both nations have decided to move with mutual dialogue to resolve the issues given a fact that both nations are large and are bound to have differences. Indian PM and Chinese Premier bilateral meet can be considered forward looking to enhance mutual trade. Peace along the border is important .There is a difference in opinion in both nations’ media. Chinese media has considered Indian army troops move as forceful trespassing on Chinese land. But they never make mentions about Chinese excursion deep into Indian territories. Same way the pain of suffering of terrorist activities in India has to be understood.

Post border standoff between it was a meet that had to be successfully conducted. Nations expect the next decade to be golden decade for BRICS. We must look forward to more and more cooperation among the BRICS nation so as to benefit the populace of the emerging nations.

Harsh Vardhan Pathak.


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