It’s called revers migration.


From last and more than 25 days I was traveling with TISS on the project called human trafficking in Uttarkashi Block. Therefore I have a short note on the sorrow state of Uttrakhand hills.

Today’s Uttrakhand faces euphoric concept called Migration. We usually keep on listening debates on news channels about Uttrakhand Migration and politician waffling about how to curb Migration. While retrograding my Professor opinion on both side migrations accruing our state, Uttrakhand is on serious call to applaud devil and descent with serenity. My last 22 days visit to Uttrakashi District for field survey left with some of intriguing issues and facts about future of Uttrakhandies. Well its so astonishing that neither a state  or centre government do not pondering in this direction either have any policies to curb the situation, on the serious note Uttrakhand is glittering on the hand of mafia’s and human traders. Here is the small report.

1. Seven out of four households had sold their girls to Haryana, Delhi, Hyderabad, Rorkee, Dehradun, Punjab and Uttra Pradesh due to incompetency of their financial stability.

2. Entire village children’s imbued in local drugs and selling it with the aid of taxi drivers and local dealers.

3. Majority of farmers had lost their fertile land due to landslides and flash floods. Farmer had to dependent of government rationing.

4. MGNREGA complete fiasco and amnesty.

5. Upward migration by Muslims, Biharies, Jatts, Nepalese, Bangladeshis and some individuals without identification.

6. Bride trafficking to Haryana, Delhi, Hyderabad, Punjab and Uttra Pradesh due to incompetency of financial stability and developed a network to foster bride trafficking.

7. Majority of people owing properties from different states.

8. MLA’s are involved in Girls Trafficking.

9. Children’s after completing their 12th working in hotels and restaurants in different parts of country.

10. Still bondage labour.

It usually impinged me from inside, why Uttrakhand seceded from Uttra Pradesh what was the reasons.

In this report I have tried to collect every facet of truth and also have detailed report some coming.


Author: Brink of Economic Thoughts

Messiness generates new thinking, new ideas and new innovation. Brink of Economic thoughts is all about the bonanza of opportunities around us, a infant steps towards a better world, with better understanding.

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